Monday, July 22, 2013

Exciting Things!!

It's been a little less than a month since UtopYA in Nashville. I've made some very good Facebook friends since then. Actually, now I just consider them friends. Some very interesting things have also developed since Nashville. Besides making some awesome new friends, I've got a second job - as an editor! Thanks to Kris, I am officially an editor for


That's right! I'm currently edting my first book ever! It's been a slow, excruciatingly slow, process. I was completely nervous at first, but now I've kind of gotten the hang of it - at least I think I have. We shall see what Kris says! :) I'm having a blast doing it! I can't wait to really get going!

The second thing that happened to me, curiously enough while I was editing, is that I started to write a story. Actually, the story just kind of started to write itself while I was testing my new Microsoft Word program. I wasn't one who set out to become an author. I just wanted to read and to meet the most AWESOME Indie authors that write some of the most amazing books! Believe me, I was like...

 Did that just happen?

Do you want to know how awesome the UtopYA community is? They embraced me, and encouraged me to keep writing, to see where the story would lead. They eased my fears of writing, a little bit. But, I'm still kind of freaking out. And, they gave me a few helpful tips. It warmed my heart so much. I was like...

I love these people so much!

 I can't imagine what might have happened if I had stayed the entire weekend at UtopYA. I also got my tickets and registration for UtopYA Con 2014! (<<< Click the link for more info and ticket purchase!) I'm super excited about it! It's gonna be...out of this world!

So, I plan on getting my blog up and running. Well, it's been running for awhile, but I plan on really getting it going. I've got lots of stuff planned. There will be a cover reveal and review coming soon. I also plan on doing more blog tours, when I can. Oh, and I intend on doing a whole series of posts on authors that attended UtopYA, or will attend UtopYA next year, as newly published or currently writing their first book. I'll have some review, interviews, giveaways and hopefully some fun games to play! So, stick around and see what happens!


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