Friday, August 30, 2013


Yes! Yes! YES! 
For all of you who, like me, having been impatiently awaiting the release of the fourth and FINAL installment of the CORNERSTONE SERIES by Misty Provencher, CAPSTONE is almost here just ONE MORE MONTH! That's...
1 month 
4 weeks 
30 days 
720 hours 
43,200 minutes
2,592,000 seconds
depending on how you want to count it down!

I usually tease you guys with the cover, make you wait for it and beg for it. This time, I think I'll switch it up!



Now that you've seen the cover...
let see what's UNDERNEATH the cover! 
*wink wink*

Book Details:
Title: Capstone (Cornerstone Series, Book #4)
Author: Misty Provencher
Genre: YA/Fantasy
Release Date: 9/30/13

Book Summary:
It's supposed to stink. That's what Cusps do.

The Ianua, Nalena and Garrett's own community, have welcomed them back by charging them as traitors and chucking them into the Hotel Celare's slammer. 

And outside the fortress walls, it's no better. 

The Cusp is at full-boil as the world finally surrenders to The Fury's lifestyle. Looting, riots, murders—every kind of crime has become the norm—and The Fury want to make it all permanent.  They might even succeed, now that they've nabbed all thirteen of the Ianua's Cornerstones.

To preserve mankind, the only chance the Ianua have left is to beat The Fury to the Earth's Core and somehow trigger the Reset.

Like that's easy.

There's no manual on how to activate a Reset. Nobody even knows if there’s an actual Core to the Earth. 

Shoot, it could be one big myth; an epic waste of effort.

But the Addo thinks there is one last hope. 


So long as someone is willing to sacrifice everything to be mankind's long shot.

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If you don't know about Misty Provencher, 
you are missing out!

Here's some info on her to get you started!

Author Bio:
Once a high school drop out and runaway, Misty Provencher became a college grad, and is now a full-time novelist with a close knit family. She doesn't do labels well. While she can ride a motorcycle, knows how to Karate chop, and has learned enough French, Spanish, and Sign Language to get herself slapped, Misty's life is the ruse she uses to connect with people. She is totally enchanted with them and spends her days trying to translate the soul bouquet of her muses into words.

Did I mention she does the most BEAUTIFUL face artwork I've ever seen?!

HERE>>> Misty's Blog
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and HERE>>> @mistyprovencher on Twitter
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and HERE>>> Misty on Amazon

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