Monday, October 28, 2013

Blog Review & Excerpt: Crest of the Blood Moon by Robin P. Waldrop

This is a Young Adult paranormal romance with mild language and mild sexual situations.
Recommended for mature readers in grade 9 and up.

Inside a castle tower high in the mountains, Genevieve is being held against her will.
Can she escape her gilded cage and find the answers she seeks?
As her eighteenth birthday nears, time is running out. Who can she trust?
Peter? Dahlia? Or maybe a dark stranger Laszlo is holding in the dungeon?
Mistakes are made...
The race is on to reach Alaska. To gather the Adlet Wolves and find William.
Is their love enough to save them? Save their friends?
Laszlo is close, and on the night of the Blood Moon plans are made for the All Hallow’s Eve Ball.
The Ceremony.
The Sacrifice.
When the blood moon crests will Genevieve die?

Claw-fingered shadows shredded my skin in the darkness. I screamed out in terror as blood spewed everywhere. When I tried to fight back, my hands passed right through their bodies as if I merely sliced through air. Then, like almost every night since my capture, I woke up in a panic. Unable to catch my breath, I grabbed my chest and shot forward to a sitting position. Frantic, my eyes darted around the room, but I found nothing. It was just a dream, I kept repeating in my head.

Tears stained my face and I shivered, but my knees stopped banging together. I tucked wet tendrils of hair behind my ears and looked down at my soaking wet clothes stuck to my body.

I remained trapped in a castle tower under Laszlo’s watchful eye. He needed me, this he’d made abundantly clear. Actually, he needed my blood. Convinced, since I had become a Rafe, drinking my blood would renew his youth and give him the same power I held. Healing.

After showering, I sat on the couch staring out the window, my thoughts lost in the darkness. When the door slammed, I lurched forward, then slumped back against the couch and closed my eyes, too exhausted to argue with Peter. He’d entered carrying a tray topped with several blood bags. The same as he’d done each day since shortly after my arrival.

“I told you I won’t drink it,” I scoffed, not bothering to open my eyes and look at him. “You can drink it and just tell Laszlo I did.”

“I cannot do that, Genevieve. He is not stupid and will know I am lying.” Peter sounded frustrated.
I peeked from beneath one eyelid, watching him cut open the top of one of the bags. The smell made my mouth water. I was starving, but still refused to eat. “I’ll die before I let Laszlo drain my blood just so he can live forever.”

Peter’s muscles flexed when he placed the tray on the glass coffee table in front of the couch. I swear I felt my insides gnawing at each other. I grew weaker by the day, but I’d never let Peter know.
“I’m not doing this for Laszlo. I… I am worried about you.” He dropped his gaze.

I wanted to believe him, but couldn’t. Not with him being Laszlo’s “nephew.” “Get out! And take the tray with you.”

“You are so damn stubborn! I do not know how William put up with you.” Peter snatched the tray from the table. One bag slid off and landed on the floor. He didn’t even bother to pick up the stupid thing.

I remained frozen until after he’d stormed off and slammed the door behind him, then I scooted forward and focused on the bag he’d left. When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I snatched it up, bit off the top and guzzled down the delicious elixir. “Mmmm,” I moaned, closing my eyes while the last of the sweet nectar ran down my throat.

After I finished, doubt filled my mind. I’d spent the last several months believing I was strong.
Physically and emotionally. In reality though, I was a scared little girl who could throw cars and kill mythical creatures. 

I read all three books of the series in two days! Fans of The Twilight Saga and The Mortal Instruments will love this series. There's suspense, action, lore, romance and betrayal. Genevieve is kick-ass and one smart cookie. 

In CREST OF THE BLOOD MOON, Genevieve is locked away in a hidden castle. Although she tries to resist, her hunger becomes too much to handle, as does her feelings for Peter. As the blood moon draws closer, she grows more powerful everyday. She also becomes more resourceful as she tries to get back to her loved ones to protect them, and the world, from Laszlo. The secrets revealed in Crest of the Blood Moon leave you wanting more. I can't wait to read the next chapter of the Blood Moon Series.



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