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Blog Tour: Revelations Coming by Glory Rabenaugh

Warning: This book contains mature subject matter and may be inappropriate for some readers.
Not recommended for readers under the age of 17.

A teen who has seen and experienced too much for her years, Venus is thrown into the dark and seedy underworld of the Vampyre Nation. Shocking revelations about the truth of Christianity, coupled with her coming of age romances aid Venus to discover more about her past and ultimately reveal what is to become of her future. Revelations Coming, the first installation in The Dark Truth Novel series, will terrify you with the sadistic nature of both Vampyres and Angels and entice you with the not-so-innocent and increasingly passionate sexual encounters Venus endures.

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“Arias is here my lord,” Corbin spit out breathlessly.
“Come Venus,” Riken said already starting for the door. 
 She didn’t hesitate and all but plastered herself against him. Venus knew to be frightened from Riken’s earlier description of the other Dark Prince. He was enormous, dangerous, cruel. The embodiment of Satan himself. He led a bloodline full of sadist, bloodthirsty vampires and this was the one searching for her. She didn’t want to meet this creature. They rushed out of the office, down a back staircase and towards a back entrance. Venus slammed into Riken when he stopped abruptly. She peered around him to see what was going on and Venus swallowed hard as a warrior filled her vision…one that could only be Arias Hassan.She gasped, robbed of any breath. Lord, he was beautiful. Tattoos covered his massive arms and bare chest, his head was shaved bald. He was the color of chocolate sand and he emanated power and a call so strong and deep within her, her knees weakened immediately. He had nearly black eyes that started to swirl and twist like a turbulent ocean as soon as he saw her. His guards almost equally massive fanned out around him. It was clear that Riken and his crew were no match for these warriors.
“Come to me,” Arias growled to her.
Venus’ eyes widened as her body listened without hesitation. His command was like a direct line of energy to her chest, pulling her towards him. Riken pulled her against him creating havoc within her. Both of their blood was calling to her but Arias’ was stronger. He was older than Riken, by nearly three hundred years. Venus unconsciously struggled against Riken’s hold.
“No Venus, don’t leave me.” Riken pleaded.
“Come to me little one,” Arias purred again.
Venus started forward again when she heard the click of a safety being thrown off. She turned her head to the side and watched horrified as Corbin palmed an enormous gun in his hand and fired at Arias.
“No!” she screamed, her power billowing out of her.
Her entire focus was on the path of that bullet. If she failed that bullet would find its way into the Prince’s temple and while it wouldn’t kill him, it would incapacitate him enough for Riken and his men to destroy him by severing his head. She refused to let that happen, no matter how bad that man was in front of her. The bullet dropped to the floor feet from Arias. Venus was breathing hard from the mental exertion that she hadn’t used in over ten years, disbelief and relief flooding her body. Arias’ jaw dropped slightly and his lips parted. He raised his hand to beckon her to him again. But Venus realized too late that it wasn’t to beckon her to him, it was to stop her. Guns exploded around her from both sides, Venus trapped in the middle. She heard Arias’ roar and she heard Riken’s roar. Stop! She screamed in her head, thrusting her arms out. Her mental power that she had hidden and been ashamed of for so long, flooded out of her body, billowing her hair about her head.

Glory Rabenaugh is a mother of two wonderful children, a soccer coach, an entrepreneur, and a business woman. She can easily read two hundred books in a matter of months, whip up traditional Japanese stir fry while listening to “Holy Grail” by Justin Timberlake/Jay Z, run around with the youngsters for two hours at soccer practice, and still manage to take an hour out for herself each week to get her lashes done. Glory was born, raised, and currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri. She has a bachelors degree in Business Administration and works in the healthcare industry.

You can find Glory online at:

How long have you been writing?
I've been writing stories probably since I was in fifth grade. I remember writing all the time, but never being able to actually finish the story. That's always been an issue for me as an author. I guess subconsciously I want it to keep going!

Writing runs in my family. My grandmother on my mother's side, who passed away this year at 99 years of age, was a famous peace activist and writer in Japan. She encouraged me to write to her on a daily basis when I was young and I think that fueled my passion for writing and storytelling.

What inspired you to write this story? How did it begin?
I've always been fascinated with the paranormal and obviously have a deep love for vampire stories. When I write a story, 99.9% of the time it has to do something with the paranormal. I started writing with just my main character Venus in mind. I was in a dark place at the time, and unfortunately for Venus she had to endure what my mind had to expunge. 

I knew I wanted her torn between two vampire bloodlines. As the story progressed, I decided I wanted my vampire background story to be different than anyone else's. I was raised in a very strict Catholic household so I have a deep respect for religious teachings, theories, and beliefs of all kinds. I was researching the Descendents of Cain and realized that their history, along with my personal knowledge of Catholic teachings, I could make up a back story that Jesus and his disciples as the first vampires. I think vampires in general have always had that negative connotation of being damned and I wanted to put a different light on it.

What's the best advice you've been given since you became an author?        
Have thick skin!

Not everyone is going to like your story but you are not writing it for everyone. I remind myself all the time that I write for myself. It gives me a tremendous amount of pleasure to spill my creative juices onto "paper" and live through my characters. If I am fortunate to have people in the world with a mind like mine, then they will enjoy it as well.

Who are your favorite authors?  
Being from St. Louis, my number one shout out has to be for Laurell K. Hamilton.
I will also pick up and read anything from J.R. Ward, Colleen Gleason, Keri Arthur, and Charlaine Harris.

What are you reading right now?
I have been waaaaaay too busy to be reading anything right now. *Gasp* Right?
However...I do have a couple books that are on my "To Be Read" shelf:
MacRieve (Immortals After Dark, #13) by Kresley Cole
The Arotas Trilogy by Amy Miles
The Nightlife Series by Travis Luedke
Plus...I've read the Mortal Instruments Series before. Back when I read it, it didn't grab me. And come to think of it...I think I actually read it out of order. Anyway, since I've seen the movie I want to reread the series. Might make more sense now!!

If you could only read 5 books for the rest of your life, what would they be?  
1) The Talisman by Stephen King - This was one of the first fantasy/paranormal books I read as a child and I still have it on my shelf today. Every few years I read it because it helps me remember why I fell in love with the paranormal world in the first place.

2) Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley - Also one of the first fantasy books I read and I remember it threw me into an obsession with everything King Arthur or medieval-times related.

3) The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks - I'm not much for a sappy romance but my god I think I cried for a week straight because of this book. So, if I was in the mood to be sad I would pick this book up. (I do the same thing with Dear John the movie)

4) Dark Lover by J.R. Ward - I've reread this book a million times. This book made me fall in love with the series but no other book stood out for me like this one did. I'm desperately in love with Wrath and if anything, reading this book would keep me warm at night.

5) The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton - I chose this one because I like the idea of torn between men and the dynamic of Richard, Jean Claude, and Anita. Hard to choose between all of the Anita Blake books but this one is my fave.

You're being abducted by aliens, but they allow you to bring only 5 things from home. What do you bring? 
Well I hate to be parted from my kids but I don't know if these are good or bad aliens so I'll have to leave them home.
1) My hair straightener. I'm touched by the curse of post-pregnancy wavy hair syndrome. My hair used to be completely straight and now it's wavy and it drives me insane.
2) My pillow. I'm a pillow snob. It must be the right thickness, cushiness, and feel...otherwise I won't get any sleep.
3) My well-worn in flip flops. I'm so picky about how shoes feel. I rarely wear tennis shoes because my feet feel trapped and suffocated.
4 & 5) Tea and Nachos. I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure I will NOT like alien food. So, my staple will have to be freshly brewed ice tea with sweetener (the pink kind) and nachos...the spicier the better!

Does this book have a playlist? What song/songs best represent this book? 
1) Madness by Muse - fabulous song to play for the beginning of the book as Venus relives memories of her childhood.
2) Radioactive by Imagine Dragons - great song, I have this as my ringtone still even though it's older. Good song to relate Venus to as she learns that everything she knows about life is a lie and that her future is darker than she could have ever imagined.
3) Adorn by Miguel - wow, what a sensual love song. Everything I would want a man to serenade me on. I envision Arias feeling this way about Venus.
4) Holy Grail by Jay Z & Justin Timberlake - Play this song for Riken...poor guy.
5) Escape by Muse - This is a great song to play after Venus leaves the Descendents of Cain compound and she feels like she doesn't belong anywhere.
6) Assassin by Muse - I could picture this song being played in any of the fight scenes when Venus is hunting Talmidim with Drake.
7) Set Fire to the Rain by Adele - near the end of the book when Drake leaves Venus
8) Uprising by Muse - this song foretells the mood of the story at the end of the book. No other hints besides that lol.

Which character in this book are you most attached to?   
Arias Hassan - I don't know why I'm always in the love with the bad guy but I am and he is drool worthy enough to top my list. He loves without needing a reason to even though the feeling is foreign to him. He's a LARGE man and in my book that is sooooo sexy. I can even hear his deep baritone voice in my ear that's tinted with a slight middle eastern accent. He's a King so he definitely has an alpha male personality...another hotness factor in my book. But there is a war going on inside of him. He is born of darkness but being with Venus, it makes him want to be better.

What's for favorite thing to snack on while writing?                 
I'm not much of a snacker...just because I'm on a diet and I'd be in major trouble. As long as I have my iced tea by my side, I am good to go!

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