Friday, September 13, 2013

Author Spotlight - Allyson Gottlieb: Cast Photos & Bios

Today is the last day of the Author Spotlight series on Allyson Gottlieb. We get a peak at the characters of DARKEST LEGACY with photos and a little information on each of them.

It's hard to capture the complete essence of a character in one photo. But I always like to see what photos the authors pick to represent their characters. Although they might not always be the same as our own vision, it's still interesting to get an idea of what the characters might look like.

A lot of the times, for me, no matter what the character's description is in the book, I picture them completely different.
For instance, I may picture this...

when they're supposed to look like this...

 Or vice versa! (I'm weird I know!)

Now...on to the DARKEST LEGACY photos!

Cast Photos & Bios

Tamara at age 16

Tamara KingsleyProtagonist of DARKEST LEGACY

Age at start of Darkest Legacy: 41
Physical features: tall, waist-length dark hair, dark brown eyes
Family: parents Robert and Elena Kingsley, siblings Caitlyn, Matthew, Alexander, and Lily Kingsley
Schools attended: Ravenwood Academy of Dark Magic, Delora College
Current occupation: headmistress of the Silvermist School of Magic for Girls
Likes: dark chocolate, walking on the beach, talking to Valerie
Greatest fear: that her past will come back in physical form to haunt her

(Do you recognize her? She was in the book trailer!)

Valerie at age 16

Valerie D'Epiro (nee Harper)—Tamara’s best friend

Age at start of Darkest Legacy: 41
Physical features: average height, pale blond hair, blue eyes
Family: mother Alexis Harper, father Kyle Stratton; married to Christopher D'Epiro
Schools attended: Crystal Rose Academy, The University of Isis
Current occupation: public relations department of the Council
Likes: strawberries, pop music, helping her friends
Greatest fear: that she will end up like her mother

Valentine at age 17

Valentine (last name unknown) —Tamara’s ex-boyfriend

Age at start of Darkest Legacy: 42, but physically appears 22 (You’ll have to read DARKEST LEGACY to find out why)
Physical features: tall, short dark blond hair, gold eyes
Family: unknown
Schools attended: Ravenwood Academy of Dark Magic
Current occupation: none
Likes: reading, doing magic, strategizing
Greatest fear: being insignificant

If you've read DARKEST LEGACY, how do these cast photos compare to how you pictured the characters?

Personally, I pictured this Valentine a lot like the Valentine Morgenstern I envisioned from TMI series. All handsome and regal-like.These two Valentine's are quite a bit alike, actually. And I could definitely see Allyson's choice being the mysterious & mischievous boy at Ravenwood.

This concludes the Author Spotlight Allyson Gottlieb Edition! I hope you enjoyed all of this week's posts. Allyson was amazing! She gave me so much to work with that I didn't know if we'd be able to fit it all in. She was also a great sport and quick to respond when I asked for stuff at the last minute!

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